ATP Beginnings

It has been a few years since I started college, but one of the experiences that has stuck out in my mind is ATP. I am one of those people who love school and was maybe even too excited about orientation. Arriving at ATP and being surrounded by my future peers I started to wonder, “Who among these people is going to be my friend?” ATP starts the beginning of living “Life, more life” a motto that is featured on the WKU seal. A College education is not at all limited to the classroom; you are expected to grow in a multitude of ways and gain experience that will be applicable to the rest of your career.
The Question and Answer panel session of ATP was definitely my favorite and helped me to explore the different possibilities of living “Life, more life.” Though my eagerness had already prompted me to purchase a meal plan and research details on housing, hearing about Student Activities was eye opening. The plethora of volunteer organizations and clubs pertaining to just about any interest imaginable set off a spark in me that I needed to get the most out of this experience possible. One piece of advice would be not to limit yourself to activities you are familiar with or that your friends from home are considering. Branch out, experience new things; this is a way to open your eyes to the multitude of subcultures present on a college campus. You may identify with people you didn’t think possible and form relationships that influence your next step in life.
Basically, attend ATP, keep your ears and eyes open, and talk to people. You will hear over and over again to NETWORK, might as well start now. Carry extra pencils; you never know, that under prepared guy next to you may be the one to hire you for your first job someday.


Sharing is Caring

You’ll be moving into your residence hall before you know it!

Now is the time to plan ahead and start thinking about what you’ll need to move into your residence hall in late-August. If you’re thinking about moving your whole room to WKU, think again. When I was a Western Leader during M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan a few years ago, someone showed up with a U-Haul trailer, and they soon found out they’d have to take most of that back home. Someone even brought a ceiling fan that they didn’t get to install. Plan ahead and don’t make that mistake.

Each room comes with a twin XL bed, three-drawer chest, desk, chair, bookshelf, and closet. The rest is up to you. You’ll of course need the basics like linens, school supplies, and a shower caddy.

It would be very wise to talk to your roommate before you move in. If you didn’t request a specific roommate on your housing application, you’ll find out your roommate over the summer. Once you know who it is you should figure out what each person plans to bring with them. As roommates, you might consider sharing a mini-refrigerator, microwave, box fan, vacuum, broom, area rug, dishes, utensils, and television.

Sharing stuff will free up space for other items you might really want. The space fills up quickly, especially when you have an extra refrigerator that is just zapping energy, or just sitting there unplugged. For any questions related to housing, feel free to visit the WKU Housing & Residence Life website here.

From the Hill,


Distractions from Studies

If you’re like me then it is incredibly easy to become distracted when you are trying to study. Your mind tends to wonder to whatever it can think of except for your studies. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. The most important thing you can do is try to find ways to distract yourself from distractions. I know this sounds odd, but it isn’t and there are some easy techniques you can utilize to accomplish it. Everyone has a different technique so you may have to try a couple until you find one that best suits you.

One of the most popular techniques I have come across is listening to music while studying. If you walk around campus or go to the library you will see the place littered with students drowning out background noise with music. I know of many people who have a playlist just for studying. For me this doesn’t work because any sound distracts me, even my own music.

This brings me to my next suggestion, study isolation. I know the word isolation can be scary but if you are like me then it is so easy to become distracted. Isolation while studying is the only way to actually study. For me it is best to find a corner of the library that isn’t visited often and is away from stairs, elevators, and of course other students studying.

These are just two of many techniques. Try some on for size and see if any work, or make up one of your own. It doesn’t matter how you study only that you study and study well.

From the Hill,